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James Nader Fashion & Lighting Masterclass & Workshops

Your Chance to Shine in Fashion Photography with James Nader One of The UK's Leading Fashion Photographers.

Exclusive Fashion Photography Workshop: Grab Your Spot Before It's Gone!

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Hello, I'm James Nader, a fashion and advertising photographer from the UK. I'm thrilled to welcome you to my world of photography. My journey in this dynamic field has been driven by a deep understanding of narrative and a commitment to capturing the essence of fashion through my lens. My European and UK background in fashion photography has been pivotal in shaping my approach

Take advantage of our unique masterclasses and workshops guided by me, James Nader to take your photography to new levels. Use your lens as a portal to your imagination and lose yourself in the art of photographing people, places, and things. If you want to learn how to light a model properly and connect with them in a way that makes their images stand out and sell, these workshops are a must.

Spots are limited, so don't let this opportunity pass you by. Come be a part of a group of photographers who are changing the game by taking your art to the next level and making your dreams a reality. Take immediate action and stop letting FOMO prevent you from achieving your photographic dreams!

Schedule (With Breaks): 9.00 am - 6.00 pm.

Delegates Able to Attend: 12


Workshop Schedule

Day one will begin at 9.00 am with a welcome keynote explaining the workshop's format. This will cover an introduction to the photographers, studio lighting, and posing techniques.

You will be introduced to backstage or behind-the-scenes photography with the models while they prepare for the day's shoot. You will learn lighting setups, techniques, and how to direct the models to give you new creative photos for your portfolio.

Equipment required: camera and lenses; spare batteries and charger; memory cards.

Lighting equipment will be provided. This will include Flash with diffusers and LED lighting for that cinematic look.

In preparation, You will be asked to provide some of your photos in advance, as we’d like to introduce each participant to the group on day one.

What is included? Lunch and refreshments will be included.
We have not included accommodations and transportation.

A deposit of £475 confirms your space, and then a final balance of £475 is due eight weeks before the workshop.

What You Will Learn
  • Lighting setups with various lights

  • Working with a team

  • Working with models and how to light them and direct them

  • Confidence in posing models

  • Ability to understand how the light is working and how to mix lights

James Nader is an international Fashion and Advertising photographer

He has worked on many national and international campaigns. His cinematic lighting and avant-garde style are what this workshop is all about.

This session is all about learning the lighting skills from James to help build your own portfolio into one that stands out and gains attention from agencies and brands.


Location of The Masterclass: The Beautiful Mansion of Weston Park, Shropshire

Weston Park, is a distinguished country house encompassed by over 1,000 acres of parkland, meticulously landscaped by the renowned Capability Brown. The main attraction, a 17th-century Hall, holds the prestigious Grade I listed status. Additionally, the estate boasts several Grade II listed features, including the Orangery and the Stable block, each contributing to its architectural and historical significance.

Each delegate gets hands-on experience throughout the day but is mentored by both photographers to help the delegate get a better feel for exactly how the scenes with the models work. James develops the delegate's mindset to understand what they are shooting and the best possible interpretations. This, in turn, helps their photography find a place in the commercial world.

Feast your eyes on our new location find! Enjoy a relaxed day of shooting at the beautiful Weston Park in the Midlands. Start with our introductions over coffee and croissants as we introduce your day with a keynote by James Nader. We will then work with the location, set up the lighting, and discuss our mood boards and how to do them with the models and the group. get the best from light, angles, and models throughout your morning session

You will be working with two models throughout the day and switching locations to give you the best experience not only in location but in lighting as well. Relax on the day with everything you need to take pictures taken care of.

Photographers meet for breakfast and settle in on the day of your Fashion Shoot Experience. We discuss the day ahead whilst styling commences, and we run through light options and mood boards. We aim to start shooting at roughly 11 am (a more specific itinerary will be in your info pack). We break for lunch and continue shooting till late afternoon. The day is strategically scheduled so you can just relax and let us take care of all the logistics whilst you indulge in shooting to your heart's content!

Lighting is key in any shoot and James is a lighting master with his cinematic lighting style. Over the day, you will gain experience and knowledge about lighting styles and lighting types, and we aim to use a flashlight, flash with beauty dishes, flash with softboxes, and an introduction to lighting with LED for a more dynamic cinematic effect and by the end of the days shooting you will have super looking avant-garde style photographs.

Our Fashion Shoot Experience enables photographers to create quality work for submission, exhibition, and portfolio work. It also enables you to learn new ways of being creative with light, shape, and form

My Masterclasses are for photographers who are keen to expand their photography abilities, shooting fashion lighting I use regularly. They are held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, allowing you the photographer, to enjoy your experience working with me and my creative team.

Using cinematic portrait and fashion lighting styles with Arri lights, LED, and Flash. You will gain a great insight into the business of shooting and managing your shoot, images, and workflow. By the end of the day's experience with me, I am confident that the skills you learned will make you a more confident photographer with new ideas and insider knowledge, which will help you develop your portfolio, lighting, and photographic skills.


Details of the models and clothing will be supplied before you arrive. The model mood board will be available closer to the date.

Some Additional Details About The Workshop.

James Nader Classic 1990's Magazine Presets

These presets have been my secret weapon in capturing timeless, iconic shots for renowned magazines and unforgettable client fashion shoots. Each of these luxurious presets is a result of my painstaking craftsmanship, meticulously designed to transport your photos to the golden era of the 1980s and 90s.

Presets to accompany the Workshop