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My background in photography is firmly rooted in traditional analogue methods. I have built my unique cinematic style around this underlying understanding. It weaves narratives in fashion, capturing intimate and aspirational moments. My method helps my clients stand out in the competitive field of fashion photography by giving them a leg up in visual storytelling.

I am dedicated to developing my artistic viewpoint as an artist who is ever-present in the ever-changing business world. I photograph a wide variety of clients in my fashion editorial and creative work. With every new project comes the chance to test the limits of what is considered "normal" photography and discover uncharted territory.

My passion for photography extends beyond the mere act of documenting moments; it extends to the creation of narratives, ideas, and stunning visuals that convey nuance, feeling, and flair. As we push photography to its boundaries, I invite you to accompany me on this adventure of discovery.

Throughout my successful career as a location, portrait, and advertising photographer, I have become recognised for my creative approaches to capturing light. I am a British photographer. Numerous prestigious brands and campaigns, both nationally and internationally, have featured my work, which has earned praise from art buyers and editors.

I established a special place for myself in the photography and filmmaking profession by focusing on the timeless cinematic approach. Thanks to my eight years of experience as a producer and creative director at a top digital firm, I am well-versed in the many facets of production.

What I Do:

  1. Fashion Photography: James Nader is celebrated for his remarkable work in fashion photography. His artistic vision and flawless execution have led to extensive campaigns, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

  2. Portrait Photography: With a keen eye for detail and emotion, James excels in portrait photography, capturing the essence of individuals, from celebrities to models, in a uniquely evocative style.

  3. Educator and Mentor: Beyond photography, James is dedicated to sharing his expertise. As an educator, he guides aspiring photographers, offering workshops and courses that delve deep into the nuances of professional photography.

  4. Black and White Photography Expert: James' work in black and white photography is extensive, showcasing a mastery in capturing the dramatic interplay of light and shado​w.

Why My Classes & Courses?

  • Global Experience: James' global experience provides him with a diverse and rich perspective, allowing him to create images that resonate universally​

  • Technical Mastery: His technical prowess, combined with creative instincts, results in visually stunning photography and conceptually dee​​​​

  • Innovative Approach: Continuously pushing the boundaries, James embraces avant-garde techniques, ensuring his work remains at the forefront of photographic innovation​​

  • Influential Educator: As an educator, James influences the next generation of photographers, sharing valuable insights gained from his illustrious career​.

  • Cinematic Style: His foundation in traditional analogue photography and printing processes contributes to a cinematic style that is both classic and avant-gard​​​​e

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