Elevate your lighting Skills

Working with Film Lights, LED Lights and Flash Lighting

Works in Colour or Monochrome

Master Classic 1,2 and 3-point lighting with James Nader

Discover the Magic of Hollywood Lighting: Classic Glamour Lighting for Portrait and Fashion Photography

Step into the world of cinematic brilliance with our exclusive workshop on Hollywood lighting techniques! Don't miss this rare opportunity to master the secrets of the iconic Hollywood glow, guided by the expertise of James. From setting up mesmerising 'stopper' images to mastering film and LED lighting, this workshop offers a comprehensive journey into the art of photography. This is more than just a workshop; it's a chance to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood masters like Sinclair Bull and Hurrell, elevating your portfolio to a level revered by agencies and magazines.

Studio Location - London: Actual studio to be confirmed
Times for the Workshop: 9:00 AM - 5.00 PM

12 Spaces Available


A deposit of £475 confirms your space, and then a final balance of £475 is due eight weeks before the workshop.

What is the aim of this Workshop experience?

The use of film lighting is a skill that great Hollywood film photographers like Sinclair Bull and George Hurrell have mastered to produce stunning portfolio images of Hollywood stars. Lighting is essential to successful photography and the final image.

Seize the opportunity to join an elite group of photographers mastering Hollywood lighting! Our exclusive workshops offer a deep dive into professional studio photography, where you'll master studio workflow and lighting theory. Engage in hands-on sessions, focusing on glamour styling and posing. It's more than learning—it's transforming your art using hard lighting and classic techniques for modern masterpieces. Gain a competitive edge with skills perfected by Hollywood's finest. Create iconic portraits with 1940s film lighting schemes and advanced techniques like three- and four-point lighting. Don't let this chance slip away—elevate your photography

  • Mastering the Stopper Image: Begin your journey with expert guidance from James, learning the art of crafting a captivating 'stopper' image that demands attention.

  • Versatile Lighting Techniques: Delve into the world of film and LED lighting, utilizing up to three lights to recreate the iconic Hollywood glow, a staple in contemporary fashion editorials.

  • Lighting Control and Modern Aesthetics: Learn to meticulously set and control your lighting, ensuring your work maintains a modern edge.

  • The Digital Black and White Process: Explore the digital techniques to achieve flawless black and white images, enhancing the dramatic effect of your photography.

  • Professional Model Collaboration: Work alongside agency models from London, learning the dynamics of interacting and directing during a shoot.

Places are limited; seize this moment to define your style in the realm of professional photography!

  • How to set up your stopper image: James runs through this with you before shooting.

  • Learn to light with film lights and with LED to create a similar effect, using up to three lights for that Hollywood glow used in today's fashion editorials.

  • Setting and controlling your lights and what to look for.

  • Keeping the look modern

  • The digital process to get perfect black and white.

  • Working with the model.

  • Makeup: Use the correct makeup for the look.

  • Discussion about the elements involved in making this set work for you.

  • Presets and some giveaways to create authentic film looks in your digital darkroom.

  • Camera and lens techniques to create a soft look.

  • Agency models from London Agencies.

What The Day Involves & What You Will Learn

  1. Makeup for Photography: Understand the importance of appropriate makeup to complement your lighting choices, adding depth and intensity to your images.

  2. Integrated Workshop Elements: Engage in comprehensive discussions about the various components that make your photography stand out.

  3. Exclusive Presets and Techniques: Receive exclusive presets to emulate authentic film looks in your digital work, along with advanced camera and lens techniques to achieve a soft, alluring look.

  4. Film Noir and Three-Point Lighting Theme: Delve into the theme of Film Noir, utilising two and three-point lighting to honour the timeless techniques of classic Hollywood photographers, and understand how these methods are pivotal in modern editorial, perfume, and watch campaigns.

  5. Portfolio Transformation: This workshop is your gateway to elevating your photographic portfolio, making your work more desirable to agencies and magazines.

  6. Workshop's Aim: The primary goal is to impart the skills of using film lighting, as practiced by Hollywood legends like Sinclair Bull and Hurrell, to create stunning, luminous images. This experience will not only teach you the technical aspects but also the art of capturing the 'sweet spot' in lighting, essential for both black and white and colour photography.

Other Aspects We Cover Throughout Your Shoot

What is the Theme of the Workshop?

The theme we are setting for this shoot is Film Noir's two and three-point lighting, celebrating the classic Hollywood Photographers' lighting techniques and how this transcends into modern-day work. The lighting used in many of the top editorial shoots, perfume, and watch campaigns has this classic lighting look. The pictures are often more styled and have a focus on the longevity of it so when you walk through an airport these images "Stopper" pop out and help sell the product. It's a great technique for advertising images.

This workshop will kickstart your photographic portfolio to the next level where you can be sure of creating images that are more liked by agencies and magazines.


Your day will begin around 9:00 am, James will introduce you to the team involved in the day experience. We will make you feel comfortable and give you a brief explanation about your day and what to expect during the flow of the day, We discuss requirements for make-up, styling, hair, and of course the model and what is needed from them. We will be looking at working with a range of lights so James will run through them and explain how they can work for you to create the look. He will run through the control of the lights and how to look out for the sweet spot. This creates a creamy effect in colour and black and white. Not only Arri/Red film lights but also simple LED lighting will achieve the same effect for a little money.

After lunch, we will reconvene the shooting experience until the conclusion of the shoot by 5 pm. After a coffee break, it will be time to run through some of the images and some post-production techniques to create the perfect black-and-white image. James will demonstrate his film black-and-white presets that should take your post-production to another level.

These Presets are discounted by 50% for the Hollywood course delegates.

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